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Mission Statement

In order to make Natchitoches Parish a better place to live while fostering community and economic development, the Hand’s Up Northwest Central Louisiana Corporation provides information on asset building for decent, safe, and affordable homes, education, career-building, and entrepreneurship for low to very low-income families.

Hand's Up Northwest Central Louisiana

About us

Our purpose is to bring awareness to rural areas of Northwest Central Louisiana of opportunities to achieve the American dream of homeownership through affordable housing programs. When people reach a sense of ownership, they strive to improve their quality of life by working harder toward becoming more self-sufficient, which brings about stability in their lives and economic growth in communities.

Hand’s Up Northwest Central Louisiana Corporation is a non-profit organization that was cooperated in December 2011 and received its non-profit (501c3) status in December 2013 to assist families in becoming more self-sufficient through awareness and positive thinking.

Hand’s Up Northwest Central Louisiana Corporation originated out of the Natchitoches city and parish housing authorities, where all efforts are made to provide decent, safe and healthy living environments to very low to medium-income families. In working with individuals and families participating in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program, the founders were able to link success to families achieving independence through homeownership. The FSS Program provides a road map for helping participant achieve goals by linking them with a coordinator who coordinates with local private, public, and other social service agents to help participants overcome hurdles and road by supporting participant seeking goals for educational, job training, financial management, credit restoral, homeownership, and other areas of their lives.

The housing authorities of Natchitoches has taken the option to allow their Section 8 Participant to use their housing vouchers for homeownership. By giving FSS participant preference over other Section 8 participants, the housing authorities’ mandatory slots have always been 100% filled. The program has drawn the interest of many Section 8 participants wanting to get on the FSS program. This has also lead to many Public Housing participants wanting to move toward homeownership. With the use of affordable homeownership programs and leveraging loans, both housing authorities have been very successful in moving toward becoming self-sufficient.

Hand's Up Northwest Central Louisiana

Our Belief What’s holding you back

Hand’s Up Northwest Central Louisiana Corporation has a strong belief that “It’s not what you know that keeps you from getting ahead; It’s what you don’t know that holds you back.”

Two professionally trained housing counselors conduct free group and individual counseling/coaching and workshops on topics such as:

Hand's Up Northwest Central Louisiana
  • Pre-purchasing
  • Post-purchasing
  • Foreclosure prevention and intervention
  • Financial Management
  • Credit Restoring
  • Protecting your investment
  • Shopping for a Mortgage
  • Shopping for your Home
  • Hiring a Home inspector
  • Fair Housing
  • Predatory Lending
  • Rental counseling
  • Success through Goal setting
  • Developing your career path

We also partner with the IRS and the housing authorities of Natchitoches to provide free tax assistant through the Volunteer Tax Assistance (VITA) program.